About ‘Accept All: Unacceptable?’

Is it possible to have a private life online? Or have we created a world where accepting both a degree of intrusion and its repercussions is just part of the online package? If so, what, if anything, can be done about it? How can we stay safe and protect privacy online? And, beyond that, how can we own our online reputations?

‘Accept All: Unacceptable?’ sets out to answer these questions, and more. We talk to everyone from MPs to scam victims to tell real stories that explain why personal data matters, what other people can use it for and the impact this has on us. We also look for solutions to staying safe online, explore how to stay in control of our personal data, and look at what can be done at an individual, institutional and global scale to improve online privacy.

We all have a right to a private life. It’s a Universal Human Right – enshrined in law. For many years Schillings has defended this right for its clients, in the face of intrusion from press and other actors. Our work in this area has set precedents and created laws. Online privacy is the next frontier where a line needs to be drawn – not just for those with a public profile, but for all of us. We’re helping shape this future, and are shining a light on the topic to help bring it life; demystifying online privacy and helping to keep personal information and data as private as you want it to be.

Accept All: Unacceptable – the documentary

As part of our ‘Accept All: Unacceptable?’ campaign, we at Schillings have commissioned a documentary, developed alongside think-tank Demos and consumer data action champions, Rightly, to highlight the problems inherent in the online world and look at what can be done about them. Watch the documentary here.

About Schillings

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